Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WordPress Will Unblock Censored Websites

 A number of European countries see online censorship implemented, including Italy, the Netherlands, Finland and some others. The Internet service providers in those countries are required to block access to several websites like The Pirate Bay. However, WordPress came with a simple solution to the problem – they have released a plugin that allows users to set up a proxy site and be able to access blacklisted domains.


The plugin in question is called RePress. It has been written by the hosting outfit Greenhost and lets everyone having a WordPress blog to launch a proxy for websites included into the ISPs’ blacklist, such as Wikileaks and The Pirate Bay.

After you add this plugin to your WordPress blog, it will begin working as a proxy and unblock any censored site you want. Anyone having a WordPress site and the ability to install new plugins can do that. Afterwards, you will be able to maintain a list of sites you would like to keep open freely available on the Internet. This should be interesting for US citizens as well, as they now face the possibility to see SOPA or PIPA enforced one day. The developers hope that Internet users outside the Netherlands would use the plugin to unblock The Pirate Bay, because this site is currently in danger of being censored after a court-ruling. In the Netherlands, residents could then unblock sites for people from such oppressive regimes as Iran, Syria or even the United States after SOPA is enforced.

New copyright bills SOPA and PIPA are meant to defend the interests of the entertainment industry, but the observers agree that in reality they would only cause grave and undeniable damage to the open Internet and all netizens, starting from the end-consumer to the cutting edge developers and inventors. The aim of RePress creators is to make this impossible.

This plugin has already been praised by a number of political figures, including European Parliament member Marietje Schaake, who claimed that was a fantastic opportunity for human rights activists and a great way out for Internet users who faced technological censorship and repression. As usual, the plugin is absolutely free and it won’t be a problem for you to find it online and install if you know what WordPress is and how plugins work.

This plugin allows you to circumvent internet censorship by proxying traffic to websites that have been blocked by repressive regimes. Alpha software:
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