Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dancing Water - Space Soundwaves

Dancing Water
Watching water droplets dance is cool, but watching water droplets rock out in space is even cooler.
NASA astronaut Donald R. Pettit does just that in a new experiment while gettin’ jiggy with it inside the International Space Station’s microgravity environment.
In a new installment of Pettit's physics-in-space video series Science off the Sphere, he splashes water droplets on top of old speakers while playing tunes from rock band ZZ Top -- the water drops bubble with every beat.
“Depending on the frequency and amplitude, you can make anything from standing ridges to a whole series of lobes,” Pettit says, describing how the sound waves shape the water’s movement.
Pettit mentions in the video that he uses low frequencies to get the water to jiggle, and then asks why would that make a difference?

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