Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Film To Reveal The Moon As A Full Color Celestial Body

On the 43 year anniversary of the day we walked on the Moon, I am presenting my film Celestial all over the world on websites that will be exhibiting the premiere for free.
In 2009, I found out the Moon is a full color celestial body and not a black and white or grey desolate rock, orbiting earth. In this film you will see for the first time stunning full color landscapes and massive structures that exist there.

Presented is filmed evidence taken by NASA during Apollo 16 of a crater photographed during the mission on April 1972. Eight months later on December 1972, during Apollo 17 (our last mission to the Moon), a structure approximately ten miles wide and six miles high had been built. Someone built this incredible structure in eight months. Donald Trump would pay large sums to figure out how to build such an impossible architectural marvel in such a short time.
Celestial contains some of the most breath-taking color photography never seen by the general public. For those that think the Moon is not full color, because we see it grey, orange or at times blue, you must see this film.

Celestial features an amateur astronomer from Richmond, Texas, that films the Moon in full color every night when the Moon can be seen. Bill Bryson found "the way" to film the Moon in HD and in full color from here on earth.

His discovery of how to do this is going to open a brand new interest by amateur astronomers from all of the world who will want to see the Moon in it's true natural essence. The films Bill has made from his backyard telescope and camera set up are stunning.
This film is going to "forever" change the world perception of how we look at our closest celestial body in our immediate universe.
I want as many people who own websites all over the world and You Tube channels to exhibit the film. Go to the official website and sign up as exhibitors. Viewers can also sign up to get the links where they can view the film on this very special night.
I am not pointing fingers at anyone or making accusations of any kind. I am just presenting the evidence that proves the color of the Moon is real.  - - - Jose Escamilla - TBLNFilms.com

The Official Website for the film: 

Bill Bryson's You Tube channel:

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