Sunday, October 14, 2012

Felix Baumgartner Sky Dives From The Edge Of Space

Felix skydived 24.5 miles down to Earth on Oct. 14!  

Felix Baumgartner will forever be remembered in history as he made the highest jump ever — more than 127,000 feet above the New Mexico desert!
“Live from space! World you are beautiful,” Felix tweeted from space.
Felix stepped out of a capsule pulled by a 55-story helium balloon after it had reached the height. He flipped around a lot during his descent, before going into a stable fall.
Felix broke the previous record held by U.S. Air Force, Capt. Joseph Kittinger Jr. who jumped from 102,800 feet on Aug. 15, 1960.
Felix started talking really clearly after three minutes of free-falling — his entire descent lasted about five minutes.
Felix’s family looked on as he made his descent. Now that his historic jump is complete, Felix plans to settle down with his girlfriend and fly helicopters on mountain rescue and firefighting missions in the U.S. and Austria!

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